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Exceptional Style and Performance

Our durable, weather-resistant vinyl siding won’t warp, split, rot or dent, so forget about costly repairs. And because its color goes clear through the panel, it never needs to be scraped, sanded or painted. Just rinse with a garden hose occasionally to keep its appearance like-new.

With a Perm Rating of 5, Prodigy resists water retention that can lead to mold or mildew. Like today’s high-performance fabrics, the insulation layer breathes freely so moisture can be wicked away, not trapped inside. Prodigy’s energy-efficient design delivers outstanding energy efficiency, thanks to the exceptional R-value (resistance to heat flow) – up to 1 ½” thick insulation for exceptional thermal performance. The special features of this interlocking siding system together achieve enhanced R-value for year-round energy savings and comfort yet allow Prodigy to breathe freely to resist water retention.

There’s a unique feeling of confidence that comes from knowing your home has UniFrame windows from Great Lakes. Windows that are not only beautiful – their fusion-welded insulated vinyl sash and main frame structure makes them incredibly strong and tough as well. Years of operation and harsh weather won’t diminish their quality or performance.

Siding Services

Enjoy a large selection of siding colors to suit your individual style. Whether you want basic white, sophisticated dark hues, or a casual light color palette, we have choices that you’ll love.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

This helps you save energy, protects your home against impact, and allows homeowners to take control of moisture. Prodigy’s premium 1-1/2” thick insulation provides tremendous R-value performance that allows you to save money on energy bills. Proper insulation also allows for your home to be as comfortable as possible year-round.

Features and Benefits

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding allows homeowners to incorporate distinctive details to their home with our premium vertical siding. With various colors to choose from, we have everything you need to ensure your home looks exactly the way you want.

Features and Benefits

Specialty Siding

We have specialty siding that gives the appearance of real cedar. Our specialty siding is made from new technology and has a wide assortment of color selections to create an endless amount of design options. With our specialty siding, you have the appearance of real cedar without the time-consuming maintenance that goes along with it.

Features and Benefits

Stone Siding

Stone siding brings a whole new life to traditional stone walls with an easy installation process. The mortar less design is easy for our siding contractors at Griffitts Construction. Stone siding brings various types of design possibilities for homeowners and allows the natural look of stone that provides a wonderful aesthetic.

Why Our Siding

Prodigy has peace of mind built right in, proudly offering the strongest warranty in the industry. Prodigy siding and accessories are backed by lifetime limited warranties, including an industry-leading fade warranty. Prodigy is protected by Preventol® TM, a safe and environmentally friendly additive that discourages termites from nesting behind the siding.

Color and Design

We have experienced siding contractors that offer tips regarding your color and design options to help enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Products and Performance

In addition to our top-rated products from reputable manufactures, we also have a reputation for guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Lifetime Warranty

Our products come with industry leading warranties which helps keep our clients protected in case something does go wrong.

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Professional Service For All Budgets

Home improvement is an investment that pays off with numerous benefits. Your property will be more attractive, valuable, and comfortable. We offer a variety of financing options to help you manage the costs. We have more than 60 years’ experience and relationships with local and national lenders and we will even take care of all the paperwork. It could not be any easier.

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Our Friends Speak

Job performances by your crews have been good and I always recommend your company whenever someone is in need of any of the services you offer. Keep up the good work.
Fred W.P.
The courtesy shown by all of your exemplary personnel was above reproach. Thanks again for a job well done.
Col. and Mrs. L.M.B.
I have never had workmen doing anything in my home who were as efficient, hardworking, neat, and pleasant as these two men were. They were prompt, put things back like they found them, spoke pleasantly, and were just a joy to have around.
Rose H.
I want to thank you and Griffitt’s Construction. Gwen, Brian, Rex, Charlie and the window crew did a great job. What a great bunch of people you have, my house looks wonderful! Thank you!
Roger and Penny M.
Bryan Schleyhahn and Elmer Wardell displayed enthusiasm, punctuality, professionalism, and excellent craftsmanship.
Arlin C.W.
Once again Griffitt’s has done a stellar job. You guys are the best, I’m thrilled with my new windows. Thank you so much again.
Miss Connie H.
Dear Mr. Griffitts:

Two different crews worked on our home at *** N. Fifth St. this month. We had two men replace 4 windows for us. They used drop clothes inside our home and cleaned up after themselves. They were very courteous and did their work well. When they finished they asked if I was satisfied (and I appreciated that).

The crew that put on our siding also pleased us greatly. The siding was put on well. A task that was not easy, I believe, with as old and crooked as our house is. They cleaned up after themselves. They also asked my opinion of their work and asked if there was anything else we expected of them.

Bill took all my calls as we were waiting for our siding to arrive and calmed me until it arrived. The salesman that wrote up our contract was very courteous and even brought extra colors for me to look at until I finally found the right one.

You have a great crew and again my husband and I say “Thanks To All”

Bernie & Carol F.
Dear Bill,

Enclosed is my check for the replacement windows, put in by two members of your crew.

I have also signed the release indicating my satisfaction with the work. The windows look great, and I am totally satisfied.

What I would really like to praise however, are the two gentlemen who did the work. I have never had workmen doing anything in my home, who were as efficient, hardworking, neat and pleasant as these two men were. They were prompt, put things back like they found them, spoke pleasantly and were just a joy to have around.

Be assured that they represent your company in such a manner that you can be very proud of them Sincerely,
Rose H.

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